Beautiful Locations to Say ‘I Do’


Chicago has numerous beautiful locations to say “I do.”  With all of its historic hotels, repurposed industrial spaces, and lush parks, the Windy City has no shortage of great venues to tie the knot. Planning ahead is the best option as it can be tricky to find availability at some venues. Advanced planning allows the […]

Best Seasons to Have a Wedding in Chicago


Chicago has so many beautiful places to hold a wedding. When it comes to planning there are many facts the happy couple needs to consider. For example, the time of year, where they want it, how many people will be in attendance, the reception, and what type of wedding venue. They also need to decide […]

Make Chicago Your Destination Wedding


A new year means it is time for new beginnings. For some, this may include taking the plunge into marriage with that special someone. When it comes time to plan the big day you may want to consider making Chicago your destination wedding spot. A destination wedding does not mean one has to travel thousands […]

The Big Stage

$3,000,000 first place prize In 2001, I was accepted into the Doctorate Program at Claremont Graduate University. I was on a high. I had just graduated from CSUN receiving a Masters in Both Jewish Studies and Ancient History. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. The workload at Claremont almost drove me to a […]